Batcat on couch
Purrfectly Upcycled

About Kitty Kuddles

Not having money to spend on expensive shop toys, I started experimenting by making little cat toys that could divert his attention.

Kitty Kuddles was born out of the incredible adventures of Batcat, a special little rescue kitten with a black and white fur coat. True to his name, Batcat had an uncanny ability to stealthily infiltrate neighbors’ houses and emerge with feather dusters as his prized possessions. It became a mysterious spectacle that left the neighbors bewildered about ghostly activities. Unfortunately, I couldn’t return the feather dusters to their rightful owners, as I had no knowledge of their origin.

Determined to put an end to Batcat’s kleptomania, I had to get creative without breaking the bank. With limited funds for store-bought toys, I started experimenting with crafting cat toys using materials from the recycling bin – an eco-friendly endeavor close to my heart. Word quickly spread among my supportive friends, who generously shared their unused wool and fabric scraps destined for the trash.

These odds and ends became invaluable resources for my Batcat project. The growing collection of handmade toys provided endless fascination and sufficiently satisfied Batcat’s feather-related cravings, effectively extinguishing his thieving tendencies. Victorious in my mission, there was just one problem – an abundance of leftover materials. Undeterred, I continued to make toys, and through my involvement with cat rescue organizations and creativity, all the toys soon found new homes or available in my online store.