Fostering kittens is a passion, there is nothing more rewarding than watching the little ones grow into big strong kittens. I have had the wonderful opportunity to foster for some great organizations, one based in Cape Town – The Kitten Cottage , SAFE – SA Feral Foundation and Cataholics based in Johannesburg. At times I have found myself caring for more than five kittens at a time some of them being hand reared by bottle feeding, others a little older and more confident to eat on their own. When I have my hands full with the cutie pies I often find myself referring to them collectively as Floofs, so here on this page I would like to introduce you to some of my foster floofs where your support helps to care for them. You are welcome to donate to each of the wonderful organizations that I support by following the links to their pages or alternatively add a donation to your cart whilst shopping. Hope you enjoy the journey!

This is our couch now hooman
Oh no! The bottle is empty!!
Playing with our doggy sister
Look at my toe beans!
Learning how to use the litter box