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Cat Bell balls

Surprise your cat with our Cat Bell Balls! Each purchase brings a random design and color, adding an element of excitement. These playful and vibrant toys are not only visually appealing but also produce an enticing jingling sound. Watch as your cat swats and pounces on these bell balls, enjoying exercise and mental stimulation. Keep boredom at bay and ensure your cat's happiness with these captivating and surprising Cat Bell Balls!

Cat collar with gilded moon & stars

Give your feline friend the royal treatment with our cat collar featuring a gilded moon and stars design. Not only is this collar stylish and eye-catching, but it also offers safety and convenience with its quick release clasp and bell. Your kitty will be the talk of the town as they strut around with this celestial accessory. Perfect for any cat who loves to shine bright like the stars! Upgrade your cat's style game today with our gilded moon and stars cat collar.

Cat Wand

Allow your little feline to become the predator it believes it is. This cat wand toy will entice your little hunter to pounce & play, your feline will enjoy digging their claws into the cork.

Kitty Collar with Bell & Paw Print Design

Indulge your floof with our stylish and functional cat collar. A must-have for your precious feline, it combines aesthetics with practicality. Available in vibrant colors, from classic black to vibrant pink, our cat collar is the perfect match for your stylish kitty. The cute paw print design adds charm that's simply irresistible. But wait, there's more! Our collar includes a bell, alerting you when your cat is on the move. Protecting wildlife and satisfying their hunting instincts, it keeps both your cat and local fauna safe. Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with our cat collar.

Kitty Collar with Bell & Reflective Stripe

Discover fashionable and functional cat collars in our collection. Stylish and safe, our cat collars come in vibrant colours that match your feline friend's personality. Each collar features an attached bell to locate your stealthy cat. Our collars have a reflective strip design for visibility during nighttime adventures, keeping your cat safe. Find the perfect combination of style and functionality with our cat collars. Keep your furry companion stylish and safe.