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Cat Superstitions – Part One

KK - Blog Cat Superstitions Part 1

Since it is spooky season we are going to start our series with some superstitions about cats. So join me as we embark on a whimsical journey, and get ready to unearth some wacky truths buried within the realms of cat superstitions

A Black Cat Crossing Your Path

We’ve all heard the tales about mysterious black cats. One of the oldest and most enduring is that stepping into or crossing a black cats path leads to catastrophe and brings about terrible bad luck. But fear not! This superstition evolved during the witchcraft hysteria days! In reality, these ebony beauties are symbolically considered good luck mates in various cultures. These dark-coloured felines have also been folded into modern Halloween symbols, giving them the (unearned) reputation of being spooky. Thankfully superstitions evolve so if you live in Britain or Japan, it is now widely considered that having a black cat cross your path actually brings you good luck.

black cat crossing your path

Cats have Nine Lives superstition

There is a legend that floats through the air, whispering tales about cats having nine lives or twelve in some cases, and that perhaps they have mystical afterlives and secret celestial meetings with their departed peers. Alas, cats only have one life. Though rumoured immortal by essence, these marvellous beings offer nine times more ‘cattitude’ than any other pet! Shakespeare also refers to the nine lives in his play Romeo and Juliet. Cats are popularly known to have nine lives because of their agility and dexterity. “Cats always land on their feet,” Theosophy believes that cats are endowed with something special that makes them so agile that they can cheat death in most dangerous situations. Some even believed Cats were in fact Gods, that lived on the earth in the body of a cat. Nine, being an important number to the Gods. The Goddess Bastet, who was an ancient Egyptian goddess .

Whiskers, Whiskers, Super Sensors

Legends mumble about feline communication reminiscent of Venezuela’s sacred Cat Gods. Rumour has it, that softly speaking phrases through a cat’s whiskers can infiltrate cosmic energies and combine forces like a furry. In European folklore there are many superstitions and myths relating to cat’s whiskers specifically. Cats, especially black cats, have been associated with witchcraft and believed to possess magical properties for centuries. In Norse mythology, the goddess Freya had a chariot pulled by two black cats. These cats, gifted by Thor, were thought to have exceptional strength, agility, and mystical powers due to their whiskers. Perhaps there are threads that can be found woven into the biblical story of Sampson and his hair holding all his power. There is so much to tell of cats whiskers and the stories, legends, myths and superstitions that I will create a blog all about them.

Cats as familiars

In present day, the black cat is a mainstay symbol of Halloween. You will often see its arched back accompanied by an image of a witch in various Halloween decorations. The belief that black cats are associated with witches goes back to the Middle Ages. Cats were considered to be “familiars” of witches or even a transformed witch. This superstition was based on cats being nocturnal and their instinct to wander at night. People during the Middle Ages believed this wholeheartedly and it wasn’t uncommon to see an accused witch be put to death with her cat by her side.

Cats as familiars

What we have learnt

When stretched to fantastical delights beyond reason. Mystical encounters, whiskery whispers, and tales woven by the light of a full moon, we know that our beloved cats are swirled into the cauldron of superstition.
So next time you tend to wrinkle your nose at peculiar cat-related myth, remember, it’s the magic… and the inexplicably charming comedy of our feline companions that has us believing in their mystical charm.

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